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Hinata Hyuga
Science Teacher
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Basic Course
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  • Lectures 22
  • Quizzes 4
  • Assignments 4
  • Duration 1 Month
  • Skill level Begginer
Course Description

This Touch Typing course is designed to elevate an individual’s ability to type accurately and quickly - a skill that is sought-after in the workplace and is becoming more and more of a presumed possession of all employees. This course delineates different methods of memorizing the position of numbers, letters, and symbols to ensure that individuals are able to type efficiently and more productively.

The course will enable candidates to develop their words per minute (WPM) rate - a figure that is often required on job applications as a test of proficiency, consequentially enhancing employability prospects within writing and administration roles.

Given the practical nature of the activity itself, this touch typing course is very proactive to ensure that candidates learn how to apply their acquired knowledge and skills.


  • First Level
    • Lesson 1. Introduction to UI Design
      120 minutes
    • Lesson 2. User Research and Design
      60 minutes
    • Lesson 3. Evaluating User Interfaces Part 1
      85 minutes
  • Second Level
    • Lesson 1. Prototyping and Design
      110 minutes
    • Lesson 2. UI Design Capstone
      120 minutes
    • Lesson 3. Evaluating User Interfaces Part 2
      120 minutes
  • Final
    • Part 1. Final Test
      120 minutes
    • Part 2. Online Test
      120 minutes


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