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  • Timing 11:00AM - 12:30PM
  • Lectures 60
  • Quizzes 12
  • Assignments 12
  • Duration 3 Month
  • Skill level Begginer
Course Description

Introduction to MS office is going to be a basic trip through Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access where beginners would have the opportunity to explore some great shortcuts in order to run those databases more efficiently. Therefore, the course teaches the basic skills for word processing, for creating excel spreadsheets, for building databases and preparing presentations, through the use of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint programmers.

What will I learn?

The course explains how word documents are created and teaches word processing fundamentals. It also provides detailed guidance to the use of electronic spreadsheets to solve relevant problems, and to the preparation of graphs and use of graphics software to present important facts in an imaginative and memorable manner.  With this course, you will learn how to create simple databases and apply queries to search for a range of data.


Friday timing: 10:30 - 11:30 AM

MS Word course outline

1.         Introduction Class + How to use Microsoft Word

2.         How to use Cut, Copy and Paste Bullets Numbering Options + Font, Font Size, Font Style

3.         How to Insert Table and Use Table Options + Design Tables + Table Column Width & Table Row Height

4.         How to insert Image + use Picture Border Option + Text Effects and Typography,

5.         How to Change Case Option + Use Find & Replace Option

6.         How to Insert Header and Footer + Insert Page Number, Page Color

7.         How to Use Fill Effect Option - Gradient, Texture, Pattern, Picture

8.         Paragraph Formatting and Text Alignments

9.         How to Insert (Picture & Text) Watermark

10.     Heading and Paragraph with Colorful Background + How to Write Your Text, Heading and Paragraph with Borders

11.     How to Insert Page Borders + Use Subscript and Superscript

12.     How to insert Different Shapes + Edit Shape Points

13.     How to insert Picture on Shapes + Add, Rotate and Align Text on Shapes

14.     Ms Word: Insert Shape & Use Shape Fill, Shape Outline, Shape Effect Option + insert Shape Caption

15.     How to insert a Hyperlink + Line and Paragraph Spacing

16.     How to Change Page Size + Change Page Orientation to Landscape or Portrait

17.     How to Adjust Page Margin + Rotate and Change Text Direction

18.     How to Make CV / Resume

19.     How to make a Certificate Design

20.     How to insert Symbol + Make Different Page Sizes

21.     How to insert & Edit Chart

22.     How to Wrap Text + Word Count

23.     How to Protect Word File with Password

24.     How to check Spelling and Grammar

25.     How to insert SmartArt + How to insert Drop Cap

26.     Writing Math and Other Equations + View Multiple Pages

27.     How to Change Office Theme and Background

28.     How to Set Different Watermarks on Different Pages

29.     How to Split Your Text in Two or More Columns

30.     How to Insert Bookmark in Word

31.     How to convert Word File into PDF without Converter + How to Convert PDF to Word - Pdf to Word without Losing Formatting

32.     Free Download CV Format for Job | Simple CV Format


MS Excel course outline

33.     Introduction Class + How to use Microsoft Excel

34.     How to use Sum formula + Subtraction formula in Excel

35.     How to use Division Formula + How to use Multiple Formula in Excel

36.     How to create Average formula + Age calculator + Percentage (%)

37.     How to Create Data Entry Form + Salary Sheet

38.     How to Insert, Delete, Hide and Unhide Row and Column

39.     How to use COUNT, COUNTA & COUNTBLANK function

40.     How to use Range Functions - Min and Max Function

41.     How to use Large and Small Functions + Spelling in Excel +

42.     How to use Data Validation + Cut, Copy and Paste Options in excel

43.     How to Create Proper Attendance Sheet + Daily Class wise student Attendance Summary

44.     How to Insert, Delete, Copy, Move and Rename Worksheet in Same file

45.     How to Calculate Pass or Fail + Grade Formula

46.     How to Create Proper Mark sheet + Use Find and Replace Option

47.     How to Create Expense Voucher + Calculate Expiry Date

48.     How to Protect Excel File Sheet and Workbook with Password

49.     How to Use Orientation Option or Change Text + Direction Borders Option

50.     How to Create Daily Income Voucher + Monthly Income Summary

51.     How to Create Result or Report Card + Use Page Layout Option for Printing

52.     How to maintain Student Fee records

53.     How to Calculate Time + Use Sort Option

54.     How to use Highlight Cells Rules Options + Top/Bottom Rules Options

55.     How to use Data Bars, Color Scale and Icon Sets

56.     How To Fill Months, Days, Date, Time & Numbers by Autofill Function

57.     How to Insert Chart, Change Its Style and Color

58.     How to use indirect formula in Excel + Lookup Formula in Excel

59.     Advanced Level Lookup Function + VLOOKUP Formula

60.     How to insert Hyperlink in Excel + Use Filter Data Option in MS Excel

61.     How to Link All Excel Sheets with One Excel Sheet + Link all Excel files into One Sheet

62.     How to use Format as Table Option + Insert Shapes

63.     How to Use Flash Fill + Increase and Decrease Decimal

64.     How to convert Excel to PDF without Converter + Convert PDF to Excel

65.     Excel Shortcut Keys | 35 Most Important Excel Shortcuts

66.     How to Create a Checkbox List + Freeze top Row in Excel using Freeze Panes


MS PowerPoint course outline

67.     Introduction Class PowerPoint + How to use Microsoft PowerPoint

68.     How to Add a New Slide in PowerPoint + Delete Slide + Duplicate Slide + Change Slide Layout

69.     How to Insert a Table + insert & Drag and Drop Pictures

70.     How to insert Shapes + insert and use SmartArt + insert and use Chart

71.     How to Draw a Text Box + insert Slide Number + insert Header & Footer

72.     How to change Slide Color + change Slide Background + insert Comment

73.     How to insert Video + insert Audio + insert WordArt

74.     How to add a Hyperlink + Check Spelling

75.     How to Find and Replace Text + change Text Direction + insert Symbol

76.     How to Change Case of Text + use Character Spacing + use Line Spacing

77.     How to Split Your Text into two or more columns

78.     How to Create a Bulleted List + Increase & Decrease List Level

79.     How to create Photo Album + Record Computer Screen + Create a Numbered List

80.     How to Change Slide Design + Add Slide Transition Effect

81.     How to Add Animation on Text + add Animation on Shapes + Motion & Custom Path Animation

82.     How to Start Slide Show from First Slide + Start Slide Show from Current Slide

83.     How to Start Custom Slide Show + Set up Slide Show

84.     How to Change Presentation View + Change the View to Grayscale + Take a Screen Shot

85.     How to Change Office Theme + add Transaction Sound

86.     How to Change Slide Time + How to insert Equation


MS Access Database Outline

87.     What is MS Access - Introduction

88.     Table and Data Types

89.     Creating Table and Talking About Data Types 

90.     Working On Lookup Wizard | How Lookup wizard Works

91.     What is Query and What it is Used for | Query in MS Access

92.     How to Create Query and Applying Different Properties


94.      PRACTICAL WORK ON DIFFERENT TYPES OF QUERY | How Append Delete Make Query Work

  • First Level
    • Lesson 1. Introduction to UI Design
      120 minutes
    • Lesson 2. User Research and Design
      60 minutes
    • Lesson 3. Evaluating User Interfaces Part 1
      85 minutes
  • Second Level
    • Lesson 1. Prototyping and Design
      110 minutes
    • Lesson 2. UI Design Capstone
      120 minutes
    • Lesson 3. Evaluating User Interfaces Part 2
      120 minutes
  • Final
    • Part 1. Final Test
      120 minutes
    • Part 2. Online Test
      120 minutes


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